Admission Criteria


  1. Students have to abide by the rules 8t regulations framed by the Institute.
  2. Application for leave must be submitted in advance and one should proceed on leave only after the leave is granted.
  3. 80% Attendance is essential in case of less percentage of attendance candidate will not be permitted to appear in the finalexam/All lndia Trade Test.
  4. lf a student is found absent continuously for more than I 5 classes, his name will be struck off the register.
  5. Classes are conducted daily except Sunday (Closed).
  6. Fee once paid is not refundable.
  7. The students have to deposit the monthly fee by I 5th of every month and with late fine (Rs. l0l- per month) by 30th of everymonth.
  8. AII dues(fees) will have to be cleared before submission of final examination form.
  9. All equipment and gadgets/tools kits for practicals are supplied by the Institute. The students are however requested to buy a Multimeter.
  10. For any damage to the institute property 1 Toolkits, Equipments the students will have to pay the cost of such damages.
  11. A student will be expelled from the Institute for misbehaviour/misconduct and non payment of fee.


Three set Xerox educational certificate.

Five Passport size photograph.

Cast Certificate.


Total Fee:

Rs. 34980/- For General Cast

Rs. 32980/ For SC, ST, OBC


Admission Fee:

Rs. 17490/- For General Cast

Rs. 16490/- For SC, ST,OBC

Per Semester fee : Rs. 7700/

Scholarship: AII SC, ST & OBC candidate can take scholarship from respective state Govt.

Certificate: The whole examination el Certification are controlled by Jharkhand Govt. & NCVT Govt. of India.


  1. Student must reach to college campus in the prescribed uniform only.
  2. The dress material for the uniform will be provided from the college to maintain uniformility.
  3. Compliance to the uniform shall reflect in the internal assessment of marks.

Students are required to obtain their ldentity Card from the college office.

Students are required to carry their identifi card in college premises or any of he related functions sports, group activities carried out by the institution inside or outside the college.

Every staff member is full authorized to ask for ldentity card from a student any time while he is in college campus.

In case of loss of the identity card for reissuing he should submit Rs. 100/--with their passport size photograph along wihtan application.


Students are required to obtain their card from the college office.

All the student should bring their library card to avail the library facility.

A student can draw one book at a time for a maximum peridd 3 days.

Fine of Rs. 5/- per day will be charged for each book kept for more trhan the prescribed time.

If any student misplaces or damages the book, he will be liable to pay current price of the book plus Rs 50- as procurement charges.

To develop the academic status of the students a well maintained spacious and full fledged library is situated in the college.